Healing Therapy Buckinghamshire

Healing Therapy Buckinghamshire

Isn’t it time to give your body a break? Help your body to overcome emotional and physical stress and restore good health into your body, mind, and spirit.

Health-Healing-Happiness is your best bet for everything that has to do with healing therapy and rejuvenation. It does not matter how stressed or mentally-strained you feel; our services will help you relax, release, and rebalance.

Relaxation is also offered through the warm and welcoming nature of our services, and release will come through the application of our various kinds of healing therapy. Rebalance will also be achieved after you have experienced the fullness of our services.

Our Healing Therapy Services
Allow us to restore ‘life’ into your body and mind through the following healing therapy services we offer.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing treatment that is non-invasive. This means that it does not require any form of incision into the body or the removal of any tissue. Reiki offers restoration of health on every level - that is, balancing all the energy centres of the body mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This healing therapy induces deep relaxation that promotes relief from pain and healing of a wide variety of conditions. Reiki produces peace, harmony and balance to the mind as well as the body and spirit.

Theta Healing
Theta healing is a very powerful, and yet, gentle healing modality. Just as its name suggests, it works on healing the brain waves and activates the DNA cells in your body. Just like reiki, this form of healing helps to offer balance to your emotional, physical, mental, as well as spiritual wellbeing.

It involves a level of meditation, which causes you to drift into a state of relaxation and sleep, as a result of the theta brainwave dream state. The meditation continues, as it uses the supernatural to release negative emotions and feelings, and replace them with healing for your highest good - using the highest loving energy source.

Benefits Of Healing Therapy
Healing therapy sets you free to live your best life. It removes any kind of blockade that is holding you back either mentally, emotionally, physically, as well as in every aspect of your life - your career, personal life, finances, relationships, name them.
Healing therapy also helps to bring balance into your life by ensuring that your mind, body, and spirit all function on the same level. In short, the process allows you to live the life you love to the fullest.

Why Choose Us
We have a team of high-qualified, and talented people with years of experience between them that are more than ready to serve you.

We provide a warm, friendly, and calm ambience that will help you feel at home and relax.
Health-Healing-Happiness is a local family-run business that is open six days a week, and our doors are open to all.

Plus, we offer a complete package of therapy that covers every aspect of the human body. And if you cannot come to us, we sure can come to you, with our home services.

So, are you looking for the complete healing therapy Buckinghamshire has to offer? Then why not pay us a visit? We would be happy to be your local stress-reliever.

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