S K of Haddenham writes -

I have had an extreme fear of flying for over 40yrs. I couldn't even think or talk about going on an aeroplane. I did one session of The Journey Therapy Phobia

Cure & a month later I flew to Italy with confidence, ease & peace of Mind, despite facing loads of problems at the airport due to a strike, I actually enjoyed it & looked forward to the trip back home ! I now feel fabulous to have conquered all those years of fear - I can highly recommend it .

MC of Haddenham writes -

I had been suffering badly from Rheumatoid arthritis for yrs. I couldn't use my hands or fingers properly, I had no strength or grip & they were painful swollen

After 2 sessions of Theta Healing with Angela the swelling & pain disappeared

For the last 3 yrs. I have been able to use my hands without any inflammation or pain. They are flexible & strong -  Amazing , I can't thank you enough .

P D of Aylesbury writes-

After years of depression & suicidal feelings, I am now free, safe & happy

Thankyou so much Angela & for gently taking me through the Journey Therapy

A real life saver !

Anita from Thame writes -

After yrs of painful endometriosis & other female problems I am comfortable & completely healed due to a combination of Journey Therapy & Theta Healing

I am so grateful , Thank you .

Abby from London writes -

After years of physical, mental & sexual abuse - I am liberated & free & happy.

I am also now in a loving relationship . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gracefully held the space for me and allowed me to release years of pain .

Angela - you are a special lady indeed , I am truly grateful .

Jo from Thame writes-

After 3 sessions of Journey Therapy my eating disorder had gone . I feel & look good & I have more energy . A brilliant treatment , I can recommend it.

15yr. Old Anna  says -

I had a childhood of regular visits to Gt. Ormond st. Hospital with the condition Lupus.  3yrs. Ago I had a few sessions of Theta Healing  & I have been Healthy & energetic ever since ! Amazing  Thankyou incredible

11yr. Old Sam ( after a Kids Journey ) says -

I used to bounce off the walls with energy, & I couldn't sit still or concentrate.I was always in trouble at school & I made my mum upset.

I can't believe that all that bad feeling was in my shoulder . My shoulder doesn't hurt anymore & I can concentrate at school & relax a bit . Wow can we do it again - that was cool ! 


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