Healing & Journey Therapies

A Non-invasive Ancient Japanese healing treatment . Reiki encourages restoration of health on all levels - physical, mental & emotional, balancing The energy centres of the body. It will induce profound relaxation & promotes Healing & pain relief to a wide variety of conditions. Reiki gives peace, balance & harmony to the mind , body & spirit 

Theta Healing is a very gentle yet powerful healing modality. I will help realign you with your Divine Essence. It works on the Theta Brainwaves (dream state) & it activates the DNA in the cells of your body. Theta Healing balances you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. It involves a short discussion then Angela will guide you through a meditation enabling you get into a Theta brainwave dream state. You will then drift in relaxation & sleep. Angela then Continues with the meditation & asks higher power to release negative feelings & Emotions & that healing takes place for your highest best good - using the highest loving energy Source.

The person receives healing on all levels of Mind Body & Spirit - Emotionally, Genetically, Mentally & Physically. You feel & experience various shifts & releases in your body - Tingly feelings, warmth & energy surges Colours & white light. You will be downloaded with positive healthy feelings & Energy, courage, harmony, joy, balance, happiness & wellness from loving Source Energy. The person will then gently come out dreamstate with Angela bringing you through an energising meditation. You feel Relaxed, refreshed & revitalised. Some people get an instant healing, others need a few sessions 

Either way you feel amazing! Unlock your power & feel the Higher Power.

*Live the life you love 
*What's holding you back - Mentally, physically & Emotionally In your Health Wealth, Relationships, Creativity & Career? 
*Heal & Balance Yourself & your Life.
*Testimonials are available 

The Journey offers profound transformation by accessing cellular memory.
It swiftly releases negative feelings & emotions , giving huge understandings ;
Enabling healing & balance Physically & Mentally, deep authentic, profound inspiration will emerge giving you freedom & liberation.

I am an Accredited Journey Practitioner & in the last 7 years alone I have helped 100's of Adults Teens & Children regain good health & peace of mind.
Through proven scientific steps I can help you :-

  • Clear out old vows, blocks & values 
  • Reclaim your power & courage & inspiration 
  • Transform negative beliefs , Depression & Anxiety 
  • Release negative behaviour & Addictions
  • Uncover fears , Phobias, & Eating Disorders
  • Balance ADHD & compulsive disorders 
  • Connect to yourself & others 
  • Find your Freedom & Peace
  • Giving you Empowerment & Liberation 
  • Support you with all Relationships - bringing about Harmony
  • Bringing Health problems & disease back to Wellness & Balance
  • Rebalancing Mind Body Spirit

I love to help people on a deep profound level & by accessing feelings through
Cellular memory The Journey Therapy will help clear out emotional & physical 
Problems to become Healthy Balance & whole.

My personal experience of Journey Therapy before I trained & became a practitioner :- 
I had always felt alone & shy from my family & friends & I had always had a huge communication problem. I could never speak up for myself , join in conversations , or stand up for myself . I could never say what I wanted or how I felt. Since removing layers of negative emotions from different ages of my lifetime , I can now speak up for myself easily & freely with discretion. I can communicate effortlessly with my family & friends . I now have confidence , ease & a purpose to my life.
I have also got rid of lumps & cysts & balanced my Thyroid gland ! 
Please read a few testimonials & see what difference it can make to your life.
If you happen to know of anyone who would benefit from this healing modality- Journey Therapy - used by Doctors & Psychotherapists , please give me a call to discuss further. 

Health Healing Happiness


The lotus flower grows out of the murky waters and blooms in to its brilliance & beauty. I compare the lotus flower to my healing therapies, acknowledging and releasing the murkiness within and growing and blooming into your brilliance and beauty.


Overcome physical and emotional disorders and bring good health back to the mind, body and spirit.

The Journey - is a cross between a meditation and hypnotherapy. It allows us direct contact with our inner wisdom, to learn the reasons for unease and disease in our lives.

The Journey helps to identify how your present physical and emotional difficulties relate to unresolved events of your past. It clears out fears of all kinds - past, present and future and then huge healing takes place automatically.

This inner wisdom and awareness is the richest and most magnificent part of us. The process allows you to find answers to health problems, releasing the negative emotions and the root cause of the problems, allowing the mind and body to heal regaining health and vitality.

The Journey Process changes cell memory from negative to positive health. Heal yourself from emotional trauma and abuse, physical abuse, ailments and disease. Journey work will give you freedom, clarity of mind, acceptance and forgiveness of past pain, peace, healing transformation and empowerment.

Theta Healing - is a very gentle, yet powerful healing modality. It works on the Theta brainwaves - dreamstate and it activates the DNA in the cells of your body. It works physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Theta healing involves a short discussion to find the root cause of the problem, then a meditation for both the therapist and client. The client will gently drift in and out of sleep.

Angela will carry on with the healing using the highest loving energy source. The client receives healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit, and even genetic problems will heal and balance. The client will experience various shifts within the body, tingly feelings, warmth, energy surges, and they may see colours or white light.

The person will then gently come out of dreamstate feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. Some people will get instant healing with one session and others may need a few sessions, either way you feel amazing. Unlock your power and feel the universal loving healing power and receive harmony, joy and happiness. Live the life you love.

What's holding you back? Mentally, emotionally, physically - in your health, wealth, relationships, creativity and career?

Testimonials are available on request for Theta Healing, The Journey Process, help with addiction and phobias, and pain relief. Heal and balance yourself and your life.

SILENT COUNSELLING-Rapid Release Therapy

Using Acupressure Points , I teach you to Breath & Connect into an issue or emotion whilst pressing each point ( there are 14 main Pressure Points & Meridian Lines ) & Releasing the Negative Feeling that’s Stuck in the Body as you breathe out . Using Muscle Testing to confirm where in the body the Feeling or Energy is Stuck or trapped & then releasing the Stagnant Energy freeing up your whole Body & Mind. It works very quickly Physically Mentally Emotionally . Great for Children & Teenagers or anyone that doesn’t want to talk about their Issues or feelings.

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