Pedicure Buckinghamshire

Pedicure Buckinghamshire

Are you ready for your next pedi? If you live in or around Buckinghamshire, then Health-Healing-Happiness is the place to go for all your pedicure needs. Give your feet and toes the lustre they deserve by paying us a visit. Your feet treat you well - it is time to return the courtesy.

We offer full pedicure treatment with foot soaking, cuticle tidying, removal of hard skin, cutting and filing nails, and foot massage, either with or without nail enamel.

Who We Are

We are Health-Healing-Happiness, and we are at your service.

We are specialists in bringing out your beauty from the inside and outside, and thus, enabling you to glow.
You have the choice of a wide range of healing modalities combined with holistic therapies that target all aspects of your body and leaves you feeling young, renewed, refreshed, and ready to head out and face the world again.
It’s our passion to help people on a deeper level and we consider anyone that walks through our doors as a new member of our large family.

Our Team

Founder of Healing-Healing-Happiness, Angela Cox, has 32 years’ worth in Health and Beauty Therapy. She is surrounded by a more than capable, skilled, talented, and highly-experienced team. Our qualifications cover rejuvenating facials, reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, and any other form of therapeutic or beauty treatment. Our team has combined years of experience combined with the necessary certifications to give you a warm and trusted service.

Our Pedicure Services

We offer the complete pedicure treatment package that comes with the following:

foot soaking
removal of hard skin
cuticle tidy
cut and file nails
foot massages with or without the nail enamel

Plus, we combine the latest and advanced technology with a warm, comfy, and relaxing atmosphere. Our nail technicians are on hand to give you the best pedicure and mini pedicure experience.

Why Choose Us
We combine years of experience, talent, qualification and warmth to offer each client an unforgettable pedicure experience. Everybody is welcomed through our doors, as our services are available to all. Plus, we provide an ambience of peace and tranquillity to help you forget the stress and worry of the outside world as you enjoy our services. And if moving out of your home or location is a problem, then we can come to you.

We offer home visits for moms at home with their babies, the elderly, wedding packages, as well as people recuperating.

Our business is local, family-run, with our doors open six days a week. We cover Buckinghamshire and all its surrounding areas.

Our services are reasonably priced, with the extra advantage of both a mobile service and salon service on offer.

Also, we offer a great range of beauty and health treatments in addition to our pedicure services. Plus, we provide references upon request.

Our facility and business are properly insured, as we are members of BABTAC Insurance.

Our salon is easy to locate and comes with easy parking outside the premises.

So, if you are looking for the best pedicure Buckinghamshire experience, why don’t you pay us a visit or make an enquiry? Our team is more than happy to serve you.

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