Holistic Wellbeing

AYURVEDIC REJUVENATING FACIAL - a truly relaxing exquisite experience 
After cleanse, exfoliation & masque - the most wonderful face neck, shoulder & head massage lulls you to sleep. Based on Chinese & Indian massage techniques with pressure points applied in a unique bespoke style .

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - a concentrated deep massage on the face head neck & shoulders which can be experienced lying down or sat up with your back resting against a chair - very relaxing either way ! 

REFLEXOLOGY - this treatment dates back to the ancient Egyptians. It's the art of fine tuning within the body. Based mainly on the feet but also on the hands & head. I use the original Ingham method & a firm pressure is applied using fingers & thumbs . Crystalline deposits & tension Release from the reflexes which relate to the various organs & glands in the body , allowing energy flow to access all parts of the body . Reflexology releases congestions & toxins allowing the bodies own healing mechanisms to take place allowing equilibrium to return. A very relaxing restorative treatment helping a variety of health issues . 

Using a bespoke mixture of essential oils to soothe, balance & restore your being. Derived from the pure essence of the plant - its life force energy. A flower, seed, leaf, root or resin from the trunk of the plant will enhance your Wellbeing. The most usual way of application is via massage , followed by baths, inhalation, creams or via digestion . Through massage the Essential oils
Will absorb through the skin & go to organs & glands via the blood stream within 9 minutes harmonising Mind & body. Various health problems can be complemented with the aromatic wonder of Essential Oils helping your Wellbeing to come back into balance . 

The therapeutic effects of massage go back centuries to ease & relax the mind, body & the muscles. Releasing toxins & cellulite from the tissues & relaxing tight muscles , tendons & fascia tissue . It releases a build up of excess fluids - rebalancing the lymphatic & the circulatory system. 
All of this can be intensified by incorporating Aromatherapy oils & a magic touch ! 

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