Pricelist & Packages


Therapeutic Stress Relief Massage - 40 minutes
A deep massage on back, neck, shoulder and head, relieving tension and stress.

Audio Sonic 
Using soundwaves to concentrate on tight stressed muscles, releasing tension or pain. Incorporated with a massage if necessary.
Awaken your senses with high quality essential oils of herbs, flowers or resins blended to suit the individual giving equilibrium to Mind. Body and Spirit.

Body Massage - 1 hour - £50

Back Massage - 1/2 hour - £40

Sheer Bliss Total Massage - 90 minutes
includes face and head - the Ultimate in massage
Lymphatic toxin relief massage - 1 hr £50

Reflexology - 45 minutes
Based on the feet, the art of fine tuning within the body, releasing congestions. Balances and promotes good health and healing of the bodily functions.

Indian Head Massage £40
Anti cellulite massage with aromatherapy oils £78
Sports Massage - 1hr
For the relief of tight muscles, ligaments, tendons & fascia tissue


Body Care
St Tropez Tanning
Includes Exfoliation, Moisturising, Self-Tanning Lotion - looks natural and lasts for days.

Face and Body - £38

Half Body - £22

Fake Bake Spray Tan £28
Enzymatic Mineral Mud Therapy - 1 hour
To detox, exfoliate, purify and soften the skin
Slimming Body Wrap - 1 hour
For inch loss and detox
Body Polish -
The skin is exfoliated with  a revitalising body scrub, then a rich moisturiser is massaged in, leaving your skin supersoft and glowing

Hair Removal

Sterex Needle Electrolysis

5 minutes £14
10 minutes £16
15 minutes £20
20 minutes £23
25 minutes £25
30 minutes £27
45 minutes £32
60 minutes £42



Upper Lip £10
Chin £12
Lip and Chin £18
Eyebrows £12
1/2 Leg Wax £20
1/4 Leg Wax £22
Full Leg Wax £30
Full Leg Wax + Bikini Line £45
Upper Legs £24
Bikini Line £20
Brazilian Wax £25
Under Arm £19
Arms £24
Back £25


Advanced Electrolysis

  • Thread Vein Removal
  • Skin Tag and Milia Removal
  • Red bloodspot Removal
Prices from £50


Ear Piercing
Approved by Health Authority, gold studs with surgical inners
Preparations and make-up
Hot Paraffin Wax
For moisturising and soothing joint pain and hard, dry or cracked skin on hands feet. Includes hand/foot massage
Pedicure - 45 minutes
Foot soak, removal of hard skin, cut file nails, cuticle tidy, foot massage, Nail polish.
Spa Pedicure
As above with exfoliation, moisturising treatment & warm booties.
Mini Pedicure
Cut, file & polish

Skin Care

Using Neil's Yard Organics & The Aromatherapy Company Products 

Visibly Vibrant Facial - 1 hour
To include deep cleanse, eyebrow tidy, exfoliation, steam masque, face, neck and shoulder massage, toning and moisturising
Mini facial - 40 minutes £35
Electrotherapy Facial - 90 minutes
Using galvanic and faradic currents, thoroughly deep cleansing and regenerating new skin cells, stimulating, pore-tightening and moisturising, 
Divine Facial - 60 minutes
Chinese & Indian massage techniques to stimulate new cell growth & drain lymphatic fluids

Rejuvenating (Signature ) Facial - 90 minutes
Boosts the metabolic rate of skin cell renewal , oxygenating & rehydrating Including Indian Head massage


Ayurvedic Non-Sergical Facelift - 90 minutes
Dramatic results & very relaxing Includes Specialised lifting techniques & pressure point massage on the face & head 



Course of 8 treatments 15% £442

Back - 75 minutes
Customised back treatment using electrotherapy, including deep cleansing, purifying, pore - tightening and toning

CACI NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT & SKIN REJUVENATION With S.P.E.D  The newest most Advanced System from CACI Iternational

Muscle Toning with MicroCurrant & LED Light Technology. Ultra Sonic Peeling, Orbital MicroDermabrasion are used to exfoliate & deep Cleanse.The Synergy of Red & Blue Lights & currant will Lift & Tone the face & neck followed by CACI's unique Wrinkle Comb to target lines & wrinkles. Finishing with the Nourishing Hydro Mask to deeply moisturise & rehydrate the skin. Concentrating on areas of Muscle Laxity & aimed at mature skin types               90  mins 


CACI ORIGINAL with S.P.E.D        

Using the MicroCurrant & LED Lights. Lifts & Tones the Muscles of the Neck & Face, whilst improving the skins elasticity & Reducing the appearance of lines & Wrinkles               60 mins 



JOWEL LIFT - Using the Micro currant & LED Lights, with SPED technology . This has been developed to target Muscle Laxity around the Jawline. Designed to lift & Firm the Muscles & Refine Facial Contours to give a firmer more toned appearance.                                  20 mins 

CACI LIP REVOLUTION  - Targets Deep lines & Wrinkles using the wrinkle Comb & Red LED Therapy . This treatment is a non invasive , needle free alternative to Collagen injections & Dermal fillers. Instantly Sofens Lines & Stimulates Collagen & Elastin - giving you a natural Party Pout !                                                                                                                    20 mins 


CACI EYE REVIVE  & Lift  with SPED Technology . This works to Lift & Firm the Muscles around the Eyes Smoothing Out Lines & Wrinkles. Also using serums & the Micro currant rollers together with a deeply Nourishing Hydro Eye Mask. Lifts Hooded Eyelids, Reduces  Puffyness &  Dark Circles.                                                                                               30 mins £40
CACI PURIFY & Acne Treatment . Using Micro Dermabrasion Or UltraSonic Peeling for deep cleansing &  Exfoliation. Great results for Blemishes, Age Spots & Pigmentation Marks . It’s used in combination with the MicroCurrant & the LED Light Therapy to Stimulate cellular turnover & Collagen repairing the Skins Tissues . The Blue LED Light is Anti Inflamatory & Anti Bacterial to Calm & Soothe & Reduces Redness & Sensitivity. The Hydro Mask will also ReHydrate & Reduces Redness & irritation.                                                                   50 mins £55
CACI ACNE BACK Treatment .Also Treats Scaring using the MicroDermabrasion        30 mins £35



Eyelash Tint £15
Eyebrow Tint £13
Lash and Brows Tint £23
Eyebrow Tidy £12
Eyelash Perm £26
Eyelash Tint and Perm £35
Individual Semi Permanent Eyelashes £65



Manicure, file & revarnish  ( 20 minutes) £15
French Manicure (40 minutes) £30

Jessica Manicure (40 minutes)
Specialised hand and nail treatment


Jessica Geleration Nails
included cuticle tidy


Mini Manicure
Cut, file & polish

Pedicure with Gel Nails £42


Special Treatments Include:


Therapeutic Day - 5 Hours
Aromatherapy Body Massage, Reflexology, Facial, Manicure and Pedicure. Light lunch included
Recuperative Care
Individualised programme to release the build-up of anaesthetic in the body and speed recovery, includes Lymphatic Toxin Relief Massage, using Essential Oils and Reflexology
Wedding Day Special
For a leisurely lead up to the Big Day , why not consider our Wedding Service, personally tailored to your requirements, finishing with a Make-Up and Manicure on the Day - or perhaps a Stress Relief Massage!
Reiki - 1 hour
A non - invasive Japanese healing treatment, which encourages the restoration of health on all levels - physical, mental and emotional, balancing the energy centres in the body. it will induce profound relaxation and promotes healing to a wide variety of medical conditions, giving peace and harmony to the Mind, Body and Spirit.
Rejuvenating Facial - 90 minutes
Combining a pressure point massage to release tension in the skin and muscles with Indian and Chinese massage movements to stimulate the circulation and drain lymphatic fluids, encouraging new skin growth combines with the healing regenerating effects of Reiki. The contours lift, the pores tighten, smoothing out expression lines. The skin glow with good health.
Anti - Cellulite Treatment - 90 minutes
A stimulating exfoliation to remove dead and dry skin, a detoxifying massage using aromatherapy essences to allow the flow and drainage of stagnant lymphatic fluids, followed by the activation of foot reflex zones to purify and cleanse the body of toxins
Sports Massage - 60 minutes
For the relief of tight muscles, ligaments and tendons


Mind body spirit healing prices:
Reiki £50
Theta Healing including belief changes £90
The Journey £180
Kids Journey process £80
Eating Disorders / Phobia/ Addiction/ compulsive disorder  £85
Designer/ Life Purpose Journey including Belief changes £190
Life Purpose Process £190
Phobia help £85
Addiction help £85

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