Healing Therapy Haddenham

Welcome To The Best Healing Therapy Haddenham Has To Offer
When you need to take a moment and heal your stress, look toward the healing hands of Angela Cox.
At Health-Healing-Happiness, you can go on a healing journey with our experts to dig deep into yourself and start to feel like you again. We offer a varied range of healing and journey therapies, and we work closely with you to ensure that you feel relaxed, confident and whole again.
Reiki & Theta Healing
When you come to Health-Healing-Happiness, you are searching for something. For health and healing? For relaxation? For clarity in your emotions and balance in your life? Whatever you're searching for, our Reiki and Theta Healing treatments will help. Here's how:
Encouraging your health restoration physically, mentally, emotionally, Reiki can improve the energy in your body to find balance again. The level of relaxation that you will experience will have a profound impact on you, and you'll want to come back again and again.
Theta Healing:
Realigning your Divine Essence takes time, and it works while you're in a dream state - on the Theta Brainwaves. The DNA in your cells is activated, with Theta Healing working to balance you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After a chat, Angela will help you to meditate, relax and drift into a calming sleep. By the time you wake up, you'll feel invigorated and healed.
Other Healing Therapy Haddenham
Alongside Reiki and Theta Healing, we can take you on a Journey therapy. This is a profound transformation with access to your cellular memory. Negative feelings and emotions are released, enabling you to feel healed, balanced and liberated once more.
How Angela Can Help
Angela is an Accredited Journey Practitioner and has helped hundreds of men, women and children to rediscover their own health and peace. Some of the things that Angela can help you with include:
Clearing out mental blocks
Transform your negativity to positivity
Uncover and soothe fears and eating disordered
Reconnect to yourself
Why You Should Contact Us Today!
As a local, family run business, Angela aims to ensure that you regain who are you through the most careful healing therapy Haddenham has to offer you. You need help, advice and relaxation, and this is exactly what you will find with Health-Healing-Happiness. Angela is available to talk you through the healing therapies on offer and help you to figure out what would be best for you. You deserve to feel joyful, at peace and ready to take on your life with renewed strength and love.

Call us today on 01844 290 559, and we can ensure that you get the service you want. Can't make it to the salon? Don't worry! We offer home visits if you are recuperating from an illness, have a wedding event you'd like to relax and prepare for, the elderly and mums at home with babies.

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